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How to Build Rapport With Difficult Kids

How to Build Rapport With Difficult Kids

Kids can often be a hassle—some more so than others. How can you learn to love them in spite of the trouble they incur? There are so many reasons to get frustrated with these adorable little pain-in-the-backsides, but there are also plenty of reasons to love them. How can you build rapport with...

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How to Handle Conversational Narcissism

How to Handle Conversational Narcissism

We all have a friend who loves to dominate the conversation. Initially, your conversational narcissistic friend might appear to be perfect. They portray attractive qualities, such as warmth, outgoingness, openness, and a willingness to share.  Getting to know them becomes easy, and their desire to...

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How to Stop Your Kid’s ‘Sticky Fingers’

How to Stop Your Kid’s ‘Sticky Fingers’

Children over a certain age should understand that stealing is wrong, but there are instances where they haven't quite gotten the concept. Here's the best way to teach kids not to take things that aren't theirs. How can you deal with a child who steals? Find ways to help them understand why it’s...

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How to Encourage Honesty in Preschoolers

How to Encourage Honesty in Preschoolers

It is crucial to teach your children the value of integrity and honesty. That being said, some children are naturally more prone to lie than others, but it is always a good idea to put this bad habit to end. Therefore, it becomes necessary to think about how you would encourage honesty in young...

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How to Get Your Teen to Stop Tuning You Out

How to Get Your Teen to Stop Tuning You Out

When your teenager ignores you, it can be both sad and wildly frustrating. If you are in a situation where you just can't connect with your child anymore, you might be wondering whether you've lost touch or are being unreasonable. You've been here before: you're trying to have a discussion with...

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Business and Career Discussions

Boost your prospects by strengthening your interpersonal skills.

Handling Conflict and Complaints

Turn negative situations around by dealing with conflicts effectively.

Dating and Relationship Discussions

Watch your intimate relationships flourish.

Dealing with Loss and Rejection

Eloquently express your sympathy in life's most difficult moments.

Email and Letter Templates

Template letters and emails written to help you find what to say with ease.

Discussing Health and Wellness

Help others and spread the word without causing offence.

Dealing with Life Events or Advice

Eloquently deal with life's tricky conversations.

Discussing Money and Finances

Comfortably discuss taboo topics without embarrassment.

Talking to Friends and Family

Communicate with those most important to you.

Discussing Politics and Opinions

Comfortably navigate tricky topics such as politics.

Discussing Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality need not be a scary topic.

Texts and Messaging Templates

Template text messages created for you to send a quick response.

What We’re About.

We’ve all been there. We‘ve got something that needs to be said but our fear of causing offence; being misinterpreted, or crushing our opportunities delays us from speaking up. Sometimes we just don’t know what to say.

You care about the consequences and want the best for both parties, so you turn to Google to ask, how? The wealth of information at our fingertips leads to hours spent sifting through the chatter and obsessing over the perfect response, till now.

Our mission is simple. We provide you with free insightful and articulate, email, letter and text templates, written to give you the confidence to say it better no matter the circumstance.

Whilst we can’t guarantee each individual person’s response, with our tried and tested approaches you can be sure you’ll put your best foot forward with us. We want you to become a better communicator, build stronger relationships and ultimately be a happier you.

To find out more about the team and see our highly recommended resources, please visit our About NTRW page.

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